Burial Information


Interments will be made only after providing the East View Cemetery Association with an original deed or proof of ownership and other necessary information, such as: name of deceased, birth and death dates, place of death, names and addresses of those responsible for disposition, names of parents, funeral director, date and time of funeral, location of grave space, and notice of opening of grave space.

No animals shall be buried in East View Cemetery.

State laws concerning burials must be followed.


  • Vaults are required for all burials. Wooden caskets are allowed.
  • Bodies do not have to be embalmed but must have a casket and vault.
  • One body allowed in a casket, except for a father or mother with an infant child.
  • Only one casket allowed per grave.
  • Cremains are not required to be in a vault.

Tombstones and Grave Markers

  • For all burials of caskets and cremains, we request that a permanent grave marker or tombstone be placed on the grave so that it will not become an unmarked grave.
  • Please notify East View Cemetery Association before placing a tombstone or grave marker. This also applies to previously unmarked graves.

Burial Lot Maintenance

  • East View Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery. It is maintained by unpaid volunteers.
  • All donated funds go toward the maintenance of the common areas.
  • It is the responsibility of the lot owners and/or their families to maintain their individual lots.

Burial Fees

  • Interment with casket and vault: $500.00
  • Cremains in appropriate container: $250.00
  • Disinterment or removal to another location: $500.00

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors and contractors must make contact with the East View Cemetery Association before opening of grave space or performing any other services within East View Cemetery. Please call one of the following:

Joyce Cameron at (770) 923-1674
- Or -
Alice Snipes at (678) 908-1613
- Or -
Jean Baldwin at (678) 758-0208