Our Group

At a time of loss...

We are here to help other families: East View Cemetery Association, Inc. is not a licensed dealer of funeral services, though we will assist you in any way we can, at no charge to you. We try to provide some of the services and management that families deserve. We assist with about 10 burials per year. Some ways we can help in a time of need include:

  • Assistance with locating pre-purchased grave lots
  • Referrals to local service companies (funeral homes, monument companies)
  • Cleanup of the immediate area (Since we have a limited availability of volunteers, we can assist you with hiring a pre-screened professional company to clean and mow an area on your behalf.)
  • Availability to meet with you or your funeral home representatives on-site or by phone to discuss plans or to just to be available.

Whether you would like to request our services or not, please contact us to inform us of the interment details so that we may update the cemetery records.

Aftercare: Commercial cemeteries usually provide services after burial, such as leveling the ground after some time has passed and planting grass of the same type that is in the area. Our organization is not always able to take care of these services, as we have to focus our limited resources on the larger projects that serve many. Please consider having your funeral home arrange for aftercare services at an appropriate time.